Looking to Sell? What is your home Worth? How much equity do you have? 

I would like to share with you a pretty cool tool that not only answers these questions but also provides trends, values, and many other details of your home and neighborhood. Find out more about this tool here.

If you sign up for this report, you can receive your free alert every month or every other week. The personal report generated is not about everyone else...it's all about...   
-Your home
-Your equity
-Your neighborhood

The information you will receive is accurate, based on aggregated data from over 3,000 public record information sources, including county records. Data from the biggest banks also helps in determining the difference between Estimated Home Values and Estimated Loan Balances (aka the Equity in your home).

Also Consider These Tips...

1) Your home is most likely, your #1 Asset. Don't give it away. Don't overprice it either. Get the highest price possible in the shortest period of time. Use an experienced Realtor, who has years of experience behind him. I feel that I can be that trusted source of information. I feel that I can help you. Check out this article that I wrote about Price.

2) Curb Appeal, Staging and Cleanliness are also very important when you are trying to market your property and get the highest value.

3) Always try to depersonalize the home to the extent possible when showing your home. When buyers walk through your home, you want them to picture themselves living there. Try removing as many personal photos and belongings as possible before showing.